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“Dental Bridges Can Correct Gaps Between Teeth & Restore Your Smile”

Gaps in your smile can cause a lot of negative effects aside from being unsightly. Gaps can make chewing and eating much harder and cause pain to your gums in the affected area. The rest of your teeth will begin to shift, making them uneven and allowing bacteria to start developing.

Having a bridge done to close this gap and restore your smile can solve the problem of a missing tooth. The bridge will look and act like a real tooth and function just as great. It can also lower your chances of gum disease and other gum problems from occurring.

Our goal is providing the best possible dental experience.

How Dental Bridges Work

The fragments, if any, of the broken tooth are removed from your mouth. The two adjacent teeth are grinded down to form two solid cores in preparation for the bridge. A specially molded laboratory made bridge will fit over these prepared teeth and cover the gap. The gap is now replaced with a natural looking tooth and it is secured into place.

This procedure usually takes about two visits to our dental office. In the first visit, a dental impression of your teeth and mouth will be made. The two adjacent teeth will also be prepared for the procedure.

During your second visit, the bridge is permanently cemented in and your happy, healthy smile is returned.

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