What Is a Dental Abscess?  

Just like other parts of your body, your mouth can develop infections when there is an over-accumulation of bacteria. The result is commonly a dental abscess, which can be a concerning dental situation. Here is a closer look at the dental abscess, why the situation is serious, and how the condition may be treated by your Bellbrook dentist.

Dental Abscess Explained

A dental abscess is a type of bacterial infection that can create a pocket of pus near a tooth. An abscess can have a number of causes but is usually related to some form of tooth trauma or decay. A periapical abscess actually occurs near the root of a tooth where it is not visible. However, most often an abscess will be located in the gums nearby to the affected tooth’s root, so you may spot a small pimple or what appears to be a white-tipped bump. You may also notice:

  • Swelling and inflammation of the gums surrounding certain teeth
  • Excessive toothache
  • Unusually bad or foul breath
  • Fever
  • Dry mouth

The Dangers of Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is considered to be a dental emergency that should be treated as soon as possible. An infection in the mouth has a high likelihood of getting into your bloodstream, which can lead to a list of other health complications. In the most severe circumstances, an abscessed tooth can be a life-threatening situation because the infection spreads throughout the body.

How Dental Abscesses Are Treated

Typically, the dentist will prescribe a round of oral antibiotics to address the infection. You may also be given topical medications or pain medications to help if you are experiencing a great deal of pain. It is rare for a dentist to pull or treat the affected tooth until the infection has been controlled. However, once the infection has subsided or at least improved, you may need further dental care to tend to what issues may have caused the infection to start with.

Find Treatment for Dental Abscess in Bellbrook, OH

Any form of infection related to your teeth is a serious situation that should be properly addressed by an experienced dental professional. If you suspect that you have an abscessed tooth, please reach out to us at Bellbrook Family Dentistry in Bellbrook, OH to schedule an appointment.


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