What is Cone Beam Computed Technology?

Cone beam computed technology, or cone beam computer tomography (CBCT), is a method of creating a 3D scan of the teeth and surrounding tissue and bone. This technology enables your dentist in Bellbrook, OH, to acquire a three-dimensional image of the interior of the mouth.

Why Aren’t X-Rays Sufficient?

X-rays are sufficient for diagnostic purposes in most cases. However, when x-rays indicate that something more serious may be happening, CBCT provides a much more comprehensive image of the oral cavity.

When is a CBCT Scan Needed?

There are a number of situations that may call for a CBCT scan, including:

  • assessing symptoms of a root canal infection
  • to diagnose the source of pain and swelling from an unknown cause
  • to discover the extent of certain teeth, gum and bone diseases
  • to gain a comprehension of the conditions in the root canal
  • to assess the extent of injury resulting from trauma to the teeth and jaw area
  • and more

CBCT Benefits

The benefits of cone beam technology include:

  • less radiation exposure than traditional x-rays
  • better treatment options decision-making
  • ability to pick up early indicators of injury months after a traumatic accident
  • digitized images of CBCT scans can be used to build models of the jaw for making prosthetics

What Happens With a CBCT Scan?

When your dentist determines that a CBCT scan is needed, you will see for yourself the remarkable results of this technology. A CBCT scan only takes a few extra minutes to complete. It is completely non-invasive and painless. Many patients report that a CBCT scan is easier than traditional dental x-rays. The process of getting a CBCT scan is simple. The patient will sit still in a chair while the CBCT machine is placed into position. The machine will rotate around the patient, taking digital images as it moves. These images will then be combined to create a 3-D image that the dentist will study.

Why Don’t All Dentists Have CBCT?

Not all dentists have the training and machinery needed for CBCT scans. Special training is needed to operate the machinery. Your dentist in Bellbrook, OH also had to undergo special training in order to interpret the resulting 3-D scans from CBCT. Since treatment options are dependent on careful and accurate scan evaluation and interpretation, this makes your Bellbrook dentist’s skills highly valuable.

For more information about cone beam computer technology in Bellbrook, OH, contact us today.

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