The Smile-Boosting Power of Veneers  

Do you have a dazzling smile? If your smile isn’t quite as perfect as you’d like it to be, veneers can help. Dental veneers are thin shells bonded to the front of imperfect teeth that hide obvious flaws. So, if you have one or more front teeth that are stained, chipped, or cracked, or if you have a gap between your front teeth, veneers can hide all these imperfections. Your dentist in Bellbrook, OH, can tell you more about the many benefits of dental veneers.

Can Anyone Tell I’m Wearing Veneers?

No. Dental veneers are specially designed to match the shade of your surrounding teeth, so they blend seamlessly into your smile. And to prepare your tooth to receive the veneer, your dentist will shave a bit off the front. This allows the thin shell to fit onto the front of your tooth without protruding. After your dental veneer procedure, the only thing people will notice is your perfect smile.

Do Veneers Stay on Forever?

Veneers typically last between 5 and 7 years when properly cared for. Usually, this means following a good dental hygiene regimen and seeing your dentist regularly. They’re a non-invasive dental procedure that yields immediate results, which makes them a popular choice for tooth repair.

Are Veneers Right for Me?

If you have front teeth that are misshapen, uneven, unevenly spaced, or that have simple flaws in color or appearance, veneers are an easy way to fix them. They also add an additional layer of protection against damage and decay when properly maintained. If you have a generally healthy mouth, teeth, and gums, and need only cosmetic help with the appearance of your front teeth, veneers are probably the best option.

Who Do I See About Dental Veneers?

In the Bellbrook, OH, area, call Bellbrook Family Dentistry for more information on dental veneers. Our friendly and experienced dental team is ready to schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you. And our highly skilled clinicians are always ready to sit down with you to discuss your dental goals. Call today to book an initial consultation.


What Can Be Done for My Open Bite? 

An open bite occurs when your upper teeth no longer touch your lower teeth. This most often occurs near the front of your mouth, causing an anterior open bite, although it may occur in the back of the mouth as well. This condition is malocclusion, which means the teeth are not properly aligned when your mouth is closed. There are several reasons why this may occur in adults, including missing or shifting teeth, facial trauma, tumors in the jaw or mouth areas, or the presence of extra teeth. If you struggle with an open bite, your dentist in Bellbrook, OH, has solutions.

How Do I Know Whether I Have an Open Bite?

An open bite is easy to recognize because it impedes your quality of life. You’ll have trouble biting into a sandwich, and you may develop a speech impediment. If left untreated, your open bite will begin to affect your appearance as well. This happens when your facial structure begins to change as a result of the misalignment between the teeth and the lower jaw. An open bite can make you appear much older than you are.

What Can Be Done for an Open Bite?

There are several ways your dentist may correct your open bite. Treatments include:

  • Braces
  • Aligners
  • Dental Implants
  • Surgery
  • Veneers

When an open bite occurs in adult patients, surgery is usually required to realign the teeth. This may mean extracting adult teeth that have shifted and replacing them with dentures or dental implants to correct the problem.

Is an Open Bite Really That Serious?

It may not seem serious at the time your open bite first occurs, but as time goes by, the condition will only worsen. It will become more difficult to eat the foods you enjoy, and you may put yourself at greater risk of choking because you’re unable to bite foods, such as spaghetti or bacon strips, into small, manageable pieces for easy digestion. Your speech may change as well, and you may find it difficult to clearly pronounce words with ‘S’.

When you’re ready to fix an open bite in Bellbrook, OH, contact Bellbrook Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment. Our friendly and professional staff has a solution that will work for you.