4 Ways Your Dentist Can Help You with Dental Anxiety

Even though being afraid of the dentist is often assumed to be an issue only for children, adults can have anxiety about dental treatments just the same. Roughly 75 percent of all adults have some level of anxiety or fear about seeing the dentist, and some situations can be severe. If you have problems with dental anxiety, your dentist may be able to help you. Here’s a look at how a good dentist will help you when you suffer from dental anxiety.

1. Provide Understanding

Part of the fear of dental treatment comes from a lack of understanding of what is taking place. After all, you are not necessarily watching the dentist work; you are only on the receiving end and guessing what is causing various sensations. If you better understand what will take place once you are in the treatment chair, you may feel a bit less apprehensive about the whole situation.

2. Offer Medications to Calm You

In the most severe cases, no amount of explanation can help curb an anxiety attack when you sit down for treatment. If you suffer from the most severe phobia of dental treatments, are prone to panic attacks, or feel completely terrified, the dentist may be able to help you relax by offering medications to calm you down before treatment.

3. Be Mindful of Your Anxiety During Procedures

If the dentist knows you have issues with dental anxiety, they will be more cautious when performing treatments. For example, they will talk to you throughout each step, check in to make sure you are OK, and give you a moment to relax when you are feeling overwhelmed.

4. Help You Effectively Deal with Pain

One of the biggest fears for most people who suffer from dental treatment anxiety is the pain that may be felt during treatment. Therefore, if you know your pain will be effectively managed or counteracted during treatment, it can help put your mind at ease. The dentist can help make sure this happens by using anesthetics and taking time to make sure you are feeling no sensation before treatment starts.

Reach Out to Your Dentist in Bellbrook, OH

The anxiety induced by dental treatment is very real, and it prevents many people from getting the care they need for their smiles. Don’t let your anxiety of the dentist hurt the health of your smile. Reach out to us at Bellbrook Family Dentistry in Bellbrook so we can help you out.

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