How Long Does It Take to Heal After a Dental Implant?

Dental implants can sound like an intimidating procedure for many people. From multiple appointments to the healing process, there are many reasons to avoid it. However, there are also a lot of reasons to learn about what you can expect, particularly if you’re on the fence about whether to move forward. We’ll look at how long it takes to heal and why dental implants in Bellbrook, OH are your best bet if you happen to lose one (or more teeth).

The Timeline

The timeline for healing can vary based on who you are and how your body responds. In general, though, you can expect bruising and swelling to drastically reduce by the end of the first week. You may even notice that by day three, you’ve made a dramatic recovery.

After the end of week two, you should be able to complete your brushing routine as you normally would, even if you’ll still need to avoid the implant site directly. After a few weeks, you should be healed enough to have the final appointment. For the implant to fully integrate into the bone, it may take up to a half year to truly cement itself. Of course, it’s useful to remember that this process won’t really impact you. You’ll typically be able to eat normally, and you won’t have to manage any pain or discomfort.

Dentists in Bellbrook, OH

Dental implants are the closest choice you can make to a real tooth. Because it cements the same way a regular tooth would, this is your best chance to keep your mouth whole, which is the key to preserving your oral health. With a dental implant, you won’t have to worry about removing it or cleaning it, only about brushing and flossing the same way you would with a regular tooth.

If you’re looking for a specialty dentist in Bellbrook who can tell you more about your eligibility for the procedure, the staff at Bellbrook Family Dentistry is here to answer your questions. We work with people who are concerned about everything from the pain levels to the time commitment, and we help them find ways to work it all into their (often busy) schedule.

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