The Myths and Facts about Fluoride

Over the years you’ve probably heard many things, good and bad, about fluoride. But how do you know what’s true and what’s not? Today we are going to set the record straight by going over some of the most common myths and facts about fluoride. Then, if you need more information or if you have any other dental questions, you should contact a dentist in Bellbrook, OH for assistance.

Myth #1: If you drink fluoridated water, you will experience fluorosis.

Fact: Only if you drink high amounts of fluoride, will you experience fluorosis. In the United States, any amount of fluoride added to the water is so low, that the chance of developing fluorosis is extremely rare.

Myth #2: Fluoride is dangerous for kids.

Fact: Fluoride isn’t dangerous for kids if it is used as intended. Drinking fluoridated water will help strengthen your kids’ teeth and will help prevent future tooth decay. If your kids develop tooth decay, they might end up needing a filling or tooth extraction in Bellbrook, OH.

Myth #3: Drinking water with fluoride in it causes cancer.

Fact: There have been many studies conducted about this issue and the research shows no indication that fluoride causes cancer or any other health problems for that matter. In fact, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Institute of Medicine have both endorsed fluoride as being safe.

Myth #4: Fluoride causes autism and the risk of autism.

Fact: Numerous studies and research don’t show any evidence that drinking fluoridated water causes or increases the risk of autism.

Myth #5: Europe doesn’t allow fluoride in their water, so the United States shouldn’t either.

Fact: European countries do use water fluoridation systems. Salt fluoridation is the method European countries use.

Myth #6: If you use toothpaste with fluoride in it, you don’t need additional fluoride sources.

Fact: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states the amount of fluoride contained in your toothpaste isn’t enough to protect your teeth from tooth decay. For maximum protection, you should use fluoride toothpaste and drink fluoridated water.

If you need a dentist in Bellbrook, OH, or any of the surrounding areas, please Contact Bellbrook Family Dentistry today. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality dental care in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

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