Dental Sealants for Children: A Guide for Parents

Dental sealants are an excellent way to deter decay for children who can be most prone to cavities and areas of decay. As a parent who wants only the best for your child’s smile, you may be interested in dental sealants but also have a few concerns. Here is a look at just a few of the typical concerns parents have about dental sealants for pediatric patients.

Why are sealants a good idea for children?

Children experience cavities or decay much more commonly than adults. About 42 percent of children between the ages of 2 and 11 will have some level of decay in their mouths. The cause of this can be something as simple as not brushing properly or enough or eating a poor diet. Dental sealants can be placed on either baby teeth or permanent teeth to protect the tooth from decay during the years children are not as vigilant about their oral health habits.

Is the material used safe for your child?

The dental sealant is a fluid plastic resin material that is painted on the surface of the tooth enamel with a small brush. The sealant is then cured using a small UV light. While the products used can vary, all are FDA approved and considered safe for use for the purpose.

How long will the dental sealants last?

Dental sealants can actually last for several years after application. However, the sealants can also wear away at different rates depending on several factors, such as the age of the child, the foods they eat, and how well they brush their teeth. Your dentist will discuss the approximate life span of the sealants and let you know when they have started to wear away.

Talk to a Pediatric Dentist in Bellbrook for Information 

Making decisions about oral health care for your child should always be a guided effort. A good pediatric dentist can help you understand specific treatments and preventative measures like dental sealants for children. If you would like to schedule an appointment for your child, reach out to us at Bellbrook Family Dentistry in Bellbrook, OH.

When Should I Bring My Child in For a First Dental Visit?

Many parents are often uncertain about the best time to take their children for the first dental visit. Should you go to a pediatric dentist only after all the teeth have come in or noticed a serious problem? Experts say no. According to professional dental associations, you should take your child for the first visit once the first tooth erupts in the mouth. This is often before their second birthday.

What Should You Expect During the First Dental Visit?

Usually, this is a short exercise and involves little treatment. It is a chance for a child to meet the dentist in a friendly environment. Some pediatric dentists may ask you to hold your child and sit on the dentist’s chair during the first checkup. In some cases, you may be required to wait in the reception area. This helps to build a relationship between a child and the dentist.

During the exam, a dental expert will examine all your child’s teeth for any potential issues with oral tissues, gums, and jaws. If any problems are identified, a dentist will clean the teeth and determine whether there’s a need for fluoride. They will also offer some insights on how to take care of your child’s teeth and answer any related questions.

For example, they may talk to you about oral habits, expectations during teeth development, and proper nutrition. Many dentists would want to see a child every six months to build their comfort and confidence during a checkup. Additionally, regular visits enable the experts to monitor the progress and offer prompt treatment for any potential issues.

A pediatric dentist will require you to provide medical and health information about your kid during the first visit. Therefore, carry all the relevant documentation.

How Do You get a Child Ready for a Dental Visit?

Unlike adults with vivid memories about some dental procedures, your child has no reason to experience anxiety when visiting a dentist. If you think your little one may get upset, carry their favorite toy or offer them a surprise gift after the checkup.

The first visit doesn’t involve doing any real work. It’s mainly about introducing a child to a dentist center and allowing them to explore the most common tools. Contact us today to make your child’s first dentist appointment!